Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Little by little, step by step

We've gotten through eight weeks of this 10-week course now. I've been very pleased in general with how well this has gone. I really wish that teachers had a way to try the new techniques with students while they're in the course. Since this is summer, that's not really an option. So we'll have to wait until fall to see what people actually do try and what actually works.

I'm very hopeful that a cadre of learner-centered, technology-aware teachers in developing. Critical mass is necessary for change to begin and to take root. Iraq is on the edge of widespread technology development and use. When that happens, then the teachers who have already started using technology in their classes will have a real advantage. I hope they'll also be ready to train their colleagues so that all students will be able to benefit.

I'll be very curious to see what the teachers do this week. We're working on going from theory to practice - developing course sites and creating activities and handouts to use online or offline. Now the proverbial rubber will hit the road - and we'll see who zips along and who gets stuck by the roadside. I'm sure there will be quite a few very good courses and exercises created. I'm just hoping that there won't be too many technical barriers in the way!


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karim F said...

Dear Deborah,
Yep, I do agree with you, our schools are on the edge of widespread technology. Such online courses are inspiring the imagination of educators as a whole and teachers in particular to think very deeply and logistically to use appropriate tools in the classroom setting.There might be some challenegs for some of them at the beginning, but once they get into the rhythm, they will like such way of teaching. Best regards,